Since 2009 at the Department is carried out preparation of masters on specialty “radiation hygiene.”

According to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Radiation Safety” (2000), “Citizens of Uzbekistan have the right to radiation safety, protection of life, health and property and the environment from harmful effects of ionizing radiation.” Expressed biological effects of ionizing radiation at the wide use of their sources in different areas of human activity, a real possibility of radioactive contamination of the environment makes it very urgent work to ensure radiation safety of the population, which is headed by the Ministry of Health. Control over the implementation of measures for the radiation protection of the population of Uzbekistan is assigned to the bodies of state sanitary supervision, in particular the Division of Radiation Hygiene CGSEN in which experts on radiation hygiene.      In preparation specialist Master of radiation hygiene main goal is to ensure the full development of theoretical and practical knowledge of certain qualifying characteristic that allows a person who has successfully passed final examination, to qualify (degree) “Master of radiation hygiene.”One of the main criteria of optimality of training in medical school today are the demands that are associated with the peculiarities of practice in a market economy, in particular – a high competence of graduates of Magistrates in its field of activity.Competence graduate Master’s Radiation Hygiene defined set of knowledge and skills of professional activity and competence in the field of social behavior. The professional activity of the specialist competence are important indicators of the ability and willingness to analyze and synthesize, ability and willingness to organize and plan the work, the use of skills to work with different software, information management skills, willingness to problem solving and decision-making, application of knowledge and skills into practice, ability to creativity. The social behavior traits competence of the expert are: decision making, willingness to use professional knowledge and skills, the ability to work both individually and in a group, the ability of criticism and self-criticism, the desire for success, leadership, taking the initiative, ability and willingness to work international environment, the ability and willingness to learn throughout life, commitment to ethical values.The professional activity of the graduate Master in Radiological Health is aimed at control of radiation safety of the population in terms of radiation exposure as the man-made and natural sources of ionizing radiation (SIR).The main object of activity of the expert in the field of radiation hygiene is to oversee compliance with the hygiene requirements when using IRS in any sphere of human activity, as well as supervision of the radiation safety of the entire population, associated with exposure to radiation environment.