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Department of environmental Hygiene 1


The Department of Environmental Hygiene of Tashkent Medical Academy was established in 2017 on the basis of the order of TMA (No. 310 of May 23, 2017).

There are 4 disciplines – “Hygiene”, “Medical Ecology”, “Introduction to the Specialty”, “Radiation Hygiene” and “Military Hygiene”. Students of 3rd, 6th courses of  the Divisions of Medicine and Divisions of Medicine and Medical  Pedagogy, students of 1st , 2nd , 4th  courses of the Divisions of Preventive Medicine and 1st year students of the Divisions of Medical Biology study in the department.

Also, the department provides training for masters in the specialties “Radiation Hygiene”, “Environment and Human Health”. The preparation of masters “Environment and Human Health” is carried out according to a special curriculum developed taking into account foreign experience. Training and research work is carried out in laboratories equipped with modern equipment. The training process involves leading experts in the field of environmental health at Korean University (Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between TMA and KUMC, 2017).

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Salomova Feruza Ibodullaevna has been the head of the Department of Environmental Hygiene at TMA since 2012. At the moment, associate professors Abdukadirova L.K., Sadullaeva H.A., Akhmadalieva N.O., Ph.D. Toshmatova G.O.,  senior teacher Sharipova S.A., assistants Mirsagatova M.R.,  Nigmatullaeva D.J. Khakimova D.S., Turgunov S. work in the department. 2

The staff of the department has published many books and manuals for students, teachers and other health professionals3

Feruza I. Salomova

Khosiyat A. Sadullaeva

Lola K. Abdukadirova

Sojida A. Sharipova

Nigora O. Akhmadalieva

Guzal O. Toshmatova

Mavluda R. Mirsagatova

Dilafruz J. Nigmatullaeva

Durdona S. Khakimova

Saidakhror T.  Turgunov