The international cooperation


         In recent years, higher educational institutions of our republic have been expanding the scope of international cooperation. Among them are prestigious foreign universities, research centers, international donor organizations and international companies.

In fact, the main goal of the reforms carried out in the higher education system in recent years on the initiative of the head of our state is the further development of international cooperation with developed countries of the world in the training of qualified and modernly educated personnel. Great importance is attached to creating opportunities for students to gain scientific and academic experience in research institutions. From this point of view, it is necessary to implement a number of important tasks, such as ensuring the participation of today’s students in short-term and long-term advanced training courses, conferences and seminars at foreign universities, the introduction of educational programs in cooperation with foreign universities that attract foreign qualified specialists to the educational process.

The Department of Environmental Hygiene of the Tashkent Medical Academy is taking consistent measures to modernize education, introduce international educational standards, and create an effective system for providing modern knowledge to young people.