Visit of Professor of Koryo University Choi Jae Wook to the TMA-KU Research Center of the Tashkent Medical Academy

On March 3, 2021, our long-term partner, Professor of Koryo University Choi Jae Wook visited the TMA-KU Research Center, created at the Tashkent Medical Academy to attract leading foreign specialists to the educational process of the Tashkent Medical Academy.Professor Choi Jae Wook has proposed a number of partnership plans for 2021, including publishing articles on the Covid 19 pandemic in Uzbekistan in leading journals, co-teaching teachers and a six-month training program in 2021.He said there are plans to organize courses and continue to publish articles in prestigious journals. He also interviewed Masters in “Environment and Human Health” to examine the quality of education and research during the Covid 19 pandemic. He emphasized that students need to have good knowledge and study of the Korean language in order to study for doctoral studies in the Republic of Korea. Professor Choi Jae Wook has set a specific date to continue the conversation with the master’s students during the week in order to have a broader conversation about the research work being done.

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