We invite everyone to participate in this conference with interesting lectures and a lecture by Professor Raekwon Chung.

On November 24 of the current year, a republican scientific-practical conference with the participation of international experts on the topic “Current Issues in Preventive Medicine” will take place in the hall of the Academic Lyceum of the Tashkent Medical Academy.

At this conference, Chairman of the Pan-Gi Moon Foundation, the 2007 Nobel Prize laureate in the field of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Professor Rae Kwon Chung, will participate online with a special lecture on the topic “Climate Crisis and Opportunities for Green Economy in Uzbekistan.”

Professor Rae Kwon Chung has held high positions for many years, such as the former Ambassador of the Republic of Korea on Climate Change, former Climate Change Advisor to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and former Director of the Department of Environment and Development at UNESSCAP.

Professor Rae Kwon Chung is also the laureate of the International Award of the Russian Federation “Global Energy,” an honorary doctor of Moscow State University (MGU), and the Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

We invite everyone to participate in this conference and in this interesting lecture.

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